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No, the manga bestsellers aren't running late again...

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Actually, I managed to finish up the charts on Wednesday. I just didn’t post them here.

Head on over to Manga Bookshelf right now. No, it’s fine, with multi-tabbed browser windows you don’t even have to leave this page. Now, page down a bit, past the feature articles and reviews — closer to the bottom. You’ll see some weekly columns given prime, permanent real estate on the Manga Bookshelf home page, like license requests or the always entertaining “Off the Shelf” (It’s like reading a podcast transcript)

There is a new feature, one that will seem awfully familiar: Manga Bestseller Charts! The same great product in a new wrapper — and hopefully reaching a wider audience.

Manga Bookshelf is a great fit for the bestseller charts, which over the years has slowly grown more and more out of place here at Rocket Bomber. I’m not folding my site into the Manga Bookshelf collective, as others have done; Rocket Bomber is my personal ‘brand’ on the web and I’m loathe to give that up.

I’ll be contributing the weekly charts to Manga Bookshelf, from last week moving forward. (I’ll likely be writing some other odds and ends for the site, too; I might even get back to reviewing manga) (don’t hold your breath)

Here at Rocket Bomber, I’ll be doubling down on books, ebooks, book retail, and publishing — both the essays and the occasional bits of analysis (yes, including data and charts). I’ll also be more prone to philosophical musings, which is a good thing or a bad thing depending on your opinion of my writing.


If you were a fan of the bestsellers, please bookmark Manga Bookshelf or add their rss feed to your favourite flavour of feed reader. You might also find this link helpful — — but if you skip the main page you miss all the other good stuff they [dare I say, we] have on tap there.

For those of you surfing in on a legacy link, from previously posted charts on or from a web search — yes, this is going to be the last post on Rocket Bomber in both the “rankings” and “rankings analysis” categories. Please visit Manga Bookshelf, and update your bookmarks.


  1. Brilliant fit.

    Comment by BruceMcF — 24 September 2011, 22:04 #

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