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Status update: since I haven't posted to in a month

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I’ve been working quite a while on a bookstore business plan; not only because I think it’d be a nice feature for this blog, BUT ALSO because, hell – I want to run my own damn bookstore. I’d be most pleased to entertain investors in such an endeavour.

But as per usual, I’m making a simple thing more complicated.

Instead of just posting my business plan, I’m going to post a guide — with many, many references and large blocks of previous research — so you [or anyone] can write your own bookstore business plan.

[with the appropriate caveats, not only to protect myself, legally, but also to make sure *your* efforts to fund a bookstore don’t repeat the obvious mistakes, or run into the obvious obstacles]

So I’m looking at 6 case studies: from non-profit book collectives through small storefronts, to landmark bookstores, to regional name-brand booksellers with a strong web presence.

[like I said: making a simple thing more complicated]

I’ll have to work out which chunks of my own business plan are bookstore-slash-retail universal, and such can be reliably copied/referenced by others, and then also outline specific plans for each case study. I also need to write up the appropriate introduction, educating and specifically directing the readers to do their own research and due diligence: even if you use my knowledge base as your own starting point [and constant reference] there is no replacement for getting into the numbers, getting dirty, and coming to your own conclustions.

SO: I’ve a lot of work ahead of me — Work for free, at that, because I’m weird that way.

Alas, there are no work-in-progress posts – or ‘thinking/talking aloud’ in a blog post [unless you count the past 33 months of rethinking the box.]

The final project can be parsed into chunks, but must post all at once – or in very short succession.


So the blog ‘radio silence’ is not a reflection of me giving up, but rather, an unfortunate consequence of my doubling-down. More to come, soon.


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