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Thank YOU, everyone, for participating in the November 2012 Thankful Manga Feast

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Before my closing remarks, I get to share one two Three final submissions:

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts, and for sharing, and for making this a small but successful event! I look forward to December’s MMF, Hikaru no Go/Game Manga, to be hosted by Animemiz’s Scribblings.

Let me also thank, once again, all the original creators and publishers who bring manga into the world, and all the hard working folks who bring manga to our shores. My life is certainly richer for it, and I now know that feeling is shared by many fans.

I might have just one more submission myself for the MMF, but in researching the early American licensees and some of the very first books, I discovered a topic much larger than I anticipated. Since the essay veered off track, I chose not to post it. (I’ll be saving the research and the links, though, so I might have an MMF-unrelated manga history post at some future date.) If I can clean it up and simplify it a bit, I’ll certainly add another short link to the November 2012 MMF permanent archive.

If you were running late and also wanted your article added to the MMF hub page, just let me know: I’ll be glad to do so and will also be happy to blurb it on my homepage.

Thanks again to everyone, especially our readers, and we’ll see you next month for another MMF!


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